Nic and DeShawn’s Story

Big Brothers Big Sisters Makes a Big Impact – One Child at a Time

“You only have one goal as a mentor, and that’s making a positive impact on someone’s life.”

Research proves that a child placed with a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia program drastically reduces the likelihood of them skipping school, and increases the chance of them attending college and completing a four-year degree compared to their peers. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia beams with pride every time one of our graduating “Littles” enrolls in college, but our agency is especially proud when one of our Littles hits goals and accomplishments along the way.

DeShawn’s “Big Brother” Nic describes a time when he first realized what his “Little Brother” DeShawn was planning for his future, “DeShawn was in the 6th grade, we were eating supper together and he was talking about how frustrated he was that he couldn’t play a sport for his school until the next year. I told him it was okay, because it gave him a whole year to practice and get better and that if he worked hard that maybe he could make the team that next year. He smirked at me and said “Make the team? Nic, you already know I am going to make the team. I’m going to play sports in college, just wait!”.” Six years later, DeShawn’s dream was realized.  After being matched for nine years, Nic and DeShawn celebrated their match anniversary, DeShawn’s graduation from high school and DeShawn being the first in his family to attend college… complete with an athletic scholarship.

After being matched for more than nine years, Nic has no doubt of DeShawn’s potential. After achieving his goal, he wants him to continue to work hard in athletics as well as academics and find success in whatever avenue he chooses to explore. When asked what this match meant to him, Nic said, “It’s been extremely impactful. I know that I’ve learned more from him than he’s learned from me. He’s always got this big goofy grin and it’s infectious to everyone he’s around. It’s easy to enjoy life when you’re around him, and that’s a powerful thing.”

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